London Hospital Series 1

Plunging viewers into London’s East End, LONDON HOSPITAL (aka CASUALTY 1907 in the UK) delivers a gritty, realistic experience of life 100 years ago at the Royal London Hospital. This was a time when the average person lived to be 45 years old and where one in five children died by the age of ten. Then, as now, the Royal London was the most advanced emergency hospital in Britain.

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With antibiotics and public funding from the NHS still 40 years away, life is tough. The streets are teeming with trouble and gangland rivalry is rife.  The patients tumbling through the doors of the ‘receiving room’ - today known as the A&E department - are the victims of life in dangerous Whitechapel.

With cases, characters and events in LONDON HOSPITAL taken from the hospital records, newspapers and personal memoirs of the people featured in the series, the programme delivers a powerfully experience of life 100 years ago.